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Integrity is a core value of mine. I have no issue with making money and I appreciate salesmanship greatly, but I will not compromise on integrity to sell you something I don't believe in to make a quick buck. Products on our site meet our standard of quality, efficacy, and value. It's not exhaustive, mostly because I want to curate the selection to only the best products, but I can assure you I've tried a LOT of different gear over the years.


We do not carry or endorse any products that we would not use ourselves or recommend to a loved one, and I will clearly disclose any product I am a paid affiliate for (you do not pay a higher price). If the site has provided value for you I would appreciate your support by using my affiliate links on this site.


Ultimately, I want you to make the right choice for your situation and budget, and I will try to provide sound guidance and information to help you make that choice. If you have questions, please feel free to Email me and I would be happy to answer them.

- Coach Jordan

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