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meet the coach

Jordan Kunde-Wright

Founder, head coach, kettlebell nerd, busy dad

Hey there I'm Coach Jordan,

Kettlebell sport is my passion. Some (my wife) would even call it an obsession. Why do I love it so much? It's the hardest f'ing thing I've ever done physically. It requires strength, endurance, flexibility, power, mobility, technique, focus, and grit. 


The first time I tried a double long cycle set with 24 KGs in 2009, I was cocky and green. I lasted less than 6 minutes and puked. Naturally I was hooked.


Later I received my first kettlebell certification from Catherine Imes through the World Kettlebell Club. By 2010, I had gone fully down the rabbit hole of kettlebell sport  getting 3 more certifications that year and beginning to train almost exclusively with kettlebells.

Fast forward 11 years, and I am still at it (with some minor hiatuses to have kids and such). I analyze videos of my sets, my athletes' sets, I watch old YouTube videos of the great Russian lifters of the past 40 years, make a podcast, and I make spreadsheets to design programs and track volume. It's my favorite way to spend my little spare time. 

I am a lifelong learner and find new things to learn from masters and new lifters alike. Over the years I have had the privilege to learn from a variety of excellent kettlebell coaches and athletes, and have worked with many. My primary influences:

Catherine Imes

Valery Federenko

Steve Cotter

Ken Blackburn

Jessica DiBiase 

Sarah Fornero

Mike Salazar

Brittany van Schravendijk

Aaron Vyvial

Denis Vasilev

David Keohan

If you're up for the challenge kettlebell sport provides, I would be honored to work with you!


10+ years of coaching experience 


Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach

Nutrition Coaching Institute (NCI)

     -NCI L2 

     -NCI L1

     -NCI Hormone Specialist

     -NCI Mindset Specialist

World Kettlebell Club

     -WKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor

     -WKC Strength & Conditioning Coach

     -WKC Kettlebell Sport Coach

     -WKC Kettlebell Sport Judge


     -Level 1 coach

     -Level 2 coach

Kettlebell Sport competitor (105+kg)

     - long cycle- rank 1

     - snatch- rank 1

     - jerk- rank 1

     - biathlon- rank 1

     - triathlon- rank 2


NASM CPT (inactive)

Precision Nutrition Level 1  (inactive)


My Kettlebell Fat Loss Journey

I'm not your typical nutrition coach. I'm probably a lot like you. No 8 pack abs, and I haven't always been fit and active. Like a lot of people I've struggled with my weight throughout my life. I grew up as a "fat kid" who was teased a lot for being big. I was always big, and no matter how fit I am, I'll always be big. 


I'm also an athlete, and I used my size to play football, rugby, and track & field throughout college. But after my playing days ended, I lost a major source of identity and looking to numb my pain. I took drugs, , drank too heavily, ate too much, and I got pretty fat. 


After college, I took a high stress job where I spent 50 hours behind a desk except for my smoke breaks which got me outside for a few minutes but also had me smoking half a pack a day. I would shovel fast food at my desk, hit the bar HARD on the weekends, and only occasionally lifted weights. I topped out at almost 375 pounds and hated seeing pictures or looking in the mirror. It got so bad my mom told me she was worried about me dying young. That was a low point for me.

In 2006, I decided to propose to the love of my life and that I was not going to hate how I looked in my wedding pictures. We started training together on a fat loss program I designed, which helped me lose over 60 pounds in six months. She did really well too, even if I mistakenly took away her potatoes (sorry honey!).


This kick started a transformation process that would see me lose over 100# over the course of a year and half, change my body composition, and kindle a deep passion for training, nutrition, and helping others who've struggled with weight loss achieve lasting results. 

I've been training & coaching since 2008 and worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds with various goals. As a busy dad of 2 young kids, I know how difficult it can be to find the time for yourself. My focus is working with each unique individual to build sustainable habits that fit your goals and your life.

I have multiple nutrition certifications in addition to my kettlebell certifications because I am a lifelong learner who believes there is NO one approach to nutrition or training that works for everyone. I am agnostic in my approach and seek to find the best approach that works for you, and aligns with your goals because let's be honest, if I try to prescribe a plan for you that doesn't fit your lifestyle you won't be successful in the long term. 

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